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Immunisations are among the most important and effective preventive measures available in the field of medicine. Modern vaccines are well tolerated and adverse drug reactions are only observed in rare cases. The immediate aim of immunisation is to protect the vaccinated person from an infectious disease. If high vaccination rates are achieved, it is possible to eliminate individual pathogens regionally and eventually eradicate them worldwide. The elimination of measles and poliomyelitis are declared and achievable goals of national and international health policy. This goal has already been achieved for poliomyelitis in Europe and other areas.

Vaccination recommendations by STIKO

Vaccination booklet. Source: © pix4U/Fotolia.comThe current recommendations of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) on standard, indicated, booster and catch-up vaccinations for all age groups and on post-exposure prophylaxis can be found on the website of the STIKO.


Immunisation schedule in various languages

Vaccination schedule. Source: RKIThe immunisation schedule 2023 with the standard vaccinations recommended by the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) has been published in 20 different languages.


Information sheets about vaccinations in various languages

Word cloud "immunisation schedule" in 21 languages. Source: RKIThe RKI provides vaccination information sheets about the standard vaccinations recommende by the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO) in various languages.


Vaccination myths: effectively debunking misinformation

truth sandwich: fact, myth, explanation, fact. Source: RKITo support the vaccinating medical profession, the Robert Koch Institute has developed so-called “truth sandwiches” on some commonly occurring misinformation about vaccinations.


Further information

Pictogram: information. Source: RKI Here you will find information on research projects on the topic of immunisation at RKI and links to further information from German and international institutions.