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Signale - Early Warning System

View of the Signale-Dashboard: Case counts (blue) and signals (red). Source: RKI View of the Signale-Dashboard: Case counts (blue) and signals (red)

The Robert Koch Institute provides epidemiologists in the public health sector an automated early warning system. It generates so-called signals ("Signale" in German, or alerts) when it detects a possible infectious-disease outbreak. This early warning system runs successfully and will be augmented with new features. It will be a central part of the new German electronic reporting and information system DEMIS. The goal is to offer a complete, multidimensional picture of the epidemiological situation in real time.

To this effect, modern methods of machine learning and natural language processing will be applied and new statistical methods developed. The information thus generated will be presented in an interactive, intuitive and personalisable dashboard.

The "Signale" team consists of four data scientists and two developers with backgrounds in bioinformatics, cognitive science, informatics and physics. The group will design and implement the new early warning system, including appealing interactive web applications, and integrate it in DEMIS.

Conducted by: Auss Abbood, Fabian Eckelmann, Theresa Kocher, Knut Perseke, Alexander Ullrich; Department 3 Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Unit 31 Infectious-Disease Data Science

Date: 04.05.2020