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Influenza and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness in Germany

Influenza viruses. Source: RKI

The influenza experts at the Robert Koch Institute are constantly monitoring the course of of flu epidemics in Germany. They prepare situation reports, investigate which flu viruses are in circulation and check the efficacy of the flu vaccine. RKI also hosts the German National Reference Centre for Influenza. Here, you’ll find some information available in English; full information is available on the German Website

Date: 24.04.2018

Report on the Epidemiology of Influenza in Germany

The Report on the Epidemiology of Influenza in Germany is published annually by the Robert Koch Institute. An executive Summary in English provides an overview of the noteworthy developments and events in influenza epidemiology of the season before. Results of the influenza surveillance of the RKI are primarily based on the analysis of: (1) reports of primary care physicians about patients with acute respiratory illnesses; (2) data from laboratory tests of respiratory samples taken from patients with influenza-like illness and (3) mandatory reporting of laboratory confirmed influenza submitted by county health departments via state health departments to RKI.

Date: 30.09.2019

    Influenza Pandemic Preparedness

    The German Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan consists of two parts. While part I describes structures and measures, part II describes the current scientific knowledge on pandemic influenza preparedness planning and response to pandemic influenza. With the help of the Expert Advisory Board on Influenza, RKI has thoroughly revised the scientific part which was first published in 2005.

    In doing so, the researchers considered the lessons learned from the 2009 pandemic as well as the updated global pandemic preparedness plan by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Part II describes the scientific basis of influenza epidemiology, surveillance, diagnostics and symptoms, it deals with the efficacy of prophylactic and therapeutic measures and communication concepts. Thus, part II serves as a technical basis for decisions on measures to prepare for the event of a pandemic, as well as measures in the event of a pandemic.

    Date: 24.04.2018

      Expert Advisory Board on Influenza

      The RKI Expert Advisory Board on Influenza was founded in November 2012. It advises the RKI prior to and during an influenza pandemic with regard to scientific questions concerning influenza, including the update of the scientific part of the German Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan (Part II).

      RKI Expert Advisory Group on Influenza

      Date: 24.04.2018