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Influenza activity in Germany in Jan/Feb 2013 Source: RKI

Infectious Diseases in Germany

Infectious Disease Epidemiology Annual Report

Cover: Epidemiological Yearbook of Notifiable Infectious Diseases 2015 - German print edition. Source: RKIIn accordance with the German Protection against Infection Act, the Robert Koch Institute records and analyses data on the occurrence of various infectious diseases in Germany. These analyses are crucial for developing concepts of prevention, and for implementing effective infection control measures in order to protect the health of the general population in Germany. Each year, the results are published. Here, you'll find the executive summaries of the Reports in English.


Influenza and Influenza Pandemic Preparedness in Germany

Influenza viruses. Source: © RKIThe influenza experts at the Robert Koch Institute are constantly monitoring the course of of flu epidemics in Germany. They prepare situation reports, investigate which flu viruses are in circulation and check the efficacy of the flu vaccine. RKI also hosts the German National Reference Centre for Influenza.


Report on the Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Germany

Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Source: © Andrea Schnartendorff/RKIThis report is published annually by the RKI, providing information about trends and events in tuberculosis epidemiology in Germany. The executive summary in English contains case numbers and the number of deaths, analyses of demographic data, citizenship, country of birth, tuberculosis in children, site of disease, drug resistance and treatment outcome.