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49 percent of adults do at least two hours of sport, fitness or other leisure-time physical activity per week

Young people jogging in green nature. Source:

About half of adults in Germany do at least two hours of physical activity during their leisure time, men (51%) slightly more often than women (47%). The proportion of physically active people decreases significantly with increasing age. People in the lower education groups are less likely to be physically active for at least two hours than people in the high education group. These are the findings of the GEDA 2019/2020-EHIS study.

A physically active lifestyle has positive effects on health. People who are regularly physically active can improve their general well-being and their physical, mental and social health. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system and the development of the musculoskeletal system.

Adults are recommended to do at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity, endurance-orientated physical activity per week. Alternatively, at least 75 minutes per week of endurance-orientated physical activity at a higher intensity or a combination of both intensities is also possible. In addition, adults should perform muscle-strengthening physical activities at least two days a week.

Date: 02.04.2024