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WHO Reference Laboratories

Regional Reference Laboratory of the WHO/Europe for Poliomyelitis

Head: Sabine Diedrich
Deputy: Sindy Böttcher


  • Molecular-epidemiological analysis of selected picornavirus serotypes
  • Intratypic differentiation of poliovirus isolates using molecular methods (PCR, sequencing in different genome regions)
  • Support of European countries in the diagnostic clarification of selected AFP cases (cultivation, typing and sequencing)
  • Providing of reference material (cell culture)

Date: 01.03.2016

    Regional Reference Laboratory of the WHO/Europe for Measles and Rubella

    Head: Annette Mankertz
    Deputy: Sabine Santibanez


    • Detection and genetic characterization of currently circulating measles and rubella viruses
    • Submission of sequence data to MeaNS and RubeNS database (WHO)
    • External quality assessment for European measles and rubella laboratories (serology, virus detection, genotyping, data submission)
    • Development of test procedures and of SOPs, training of European colleagues
    • Investigations on the efficacy of MMR vaccines (mapping of immunorelevant epitopes, analysis of vaccine failures)
    • Evaluation of the population immunity against measles, mumps and rubella virus

    Date: 01.03.2016