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MF 2: Genome Sequencing

Andrea Thürmer
Aleksandar Radonic


The unit MF2 Genome Sequencing is the central sequencing core facility of the RKI. It offers service for sequencing-based questions for all RKI units.

In summary, the unit’s tasks include:

  • Sanger Sequencing

    • diagnostic samples
    • amplicons
    • fosmids/ plasmids
  • NGS Sequencing

    • diagnostic samples
    • bacterial genomes
    • metagenomes
    • microbial diversity
    • amplicons
    • RNA/ transcriptomes
    • fosmids/ plasmids
  • support of the high-throughput instruments for NGS sequencing
  • support of the liquid-handling systems for high-throughput sample preparation
  • establishment and validation of protocols for NGS sequencing

For the development and the integration of new methods for the existing technologies, we participate in research projects.

Date: 15.06.2017