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Unit 27: Health Behaviour

Julika Loss
Gert Mensink, Susanne Jordan

The main focus of this unit is the population-wide surveillance of health-related behaviour, in particular of nutrition, physical activity, as well as physical fitness, overweight and obesity (including anthropometrics), tobacco consumption and alcohol consumption, using data from RKI monitoring studies and from specific nutrition surveys.

In a life stage-specific process, changes in health-related behaviour in all age groups are observed and analysed against the background of individual and social conditions. Along with an analysis of individual behaviour, their correlates, their impact on health and possibilities to promote healthy behaviour, an overall assessment is provided of healthy lifestyles, willingness to change behaviour and health literacy.


  • Indicator-based population-wide monitoring of health-related behaviour and its promotion; collaboration in developing and evaluating national health objectives
  • Creation of reference values for physical fitness and anthropometrics
  • Epidemiological analyses of health conditions, health-related lifestyles and possibilities for promoting health (cross-section and longitudinal analyses)
  • Epidemiological analyses of health-related behaviours and disease-related risk factors for non-communicable diseases (cross-section and longitudinal analyses)
  • Conceptual design, conducting and evaluation of nutrition surveys
  • Development and adaptation of suitable assessment tools for health-related behaviour and its promotion within health monitoring
  • Support of scientists in the department to integrate aspects of disease prevention, health promotion and healthcare by the Prevention and Health Promotion working group based in the unit
  • Support of the Health Reporting unit in the preparation of health reports

Date: 01.07.2020