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Committee for Health Reporting and Health Monitoring

Members of the Committee for Health Reporting and Health Monitoring. Source: © RKI

The Committee for Health Reporting and Health Monitoring advises the Department of Epidemiology and Health Monitoring on the development of medium- and long-term goals and on the design and conceptual development of health monitoring and health reporting. This includes advice on prioritizing relevant topics. The committee includes stakeholders from different areas of the health system who have a strong interest in using the “products” of the department or produce data of relevance for the Federal Health Reporting.

The committee consists of 19 members who are affiliated with health sciences/public health, the Public Health Service and autonomous governing bodies within the healthcare system. Equally, through their expertise, the members represent the perspectives of patients, citizens, self-help organizations and the transparency of health information. The composition of the committee ensures that health monitoring and health reporting gain impetus for further development from all key partners in the health system.

Date: 14.06.2016