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Journal of Health Monitoring S1/2019

Public Health Journal for Germany. Quelle: RKI


Good Practice in Health Reporting – Guidelines and Recommendations 2.0

Health reporting provides a description of the health of the population, analyses problems and demonstrates areas in which action needs to be taken in health care provision, health promotion and disease prevention. Accordingly, it offers a rational basis for participatory processes and health policy decision-making.

This edition of Good Practice in Health Reporting resulted from a revision of the first edition, which was first published in March 2017. It incorporates contributions from experts, and various institutions and associations from the German federal-state and national levels. This revised edition rose out of the need for continual development in health reporting.

In some cases, a number of changes were made so that certain aspects could be defined more clearly; in other cases, changes were made to methodology, for example, in order to accommodate participatory and qualitative approaches. This publication is aimed at providing people working in health reporting with professional direction and guidance. We welcome your feedback.

Date: 04.09.2019