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Federal Health Reporting

Federal Health Reporting (Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes, GBE) continuously supplies data and information on the German population's state of health and the country's healthcare services. It covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from diseases, symptoms and risk factors to subjective well-being and health-related quality of life, utilization of preventive and healthcare services as well as the structures and costs of healthcare system.

Data sources for Federal Health Reporting are the health surveys by Robert Koch Institute, other health surveys, population-based studies, registry data, official statistics and administrative data.

Current figures and information on health is provided by the established GBE publications such as RKI's booklets, GBE kompakt, Contributions on Federal Health Reporting and the reports Health in Germany. GBE's types of publication differ with respect to breadth and depth of presentation and analysis. They also target different user groups. Even so, they relate to each other, complement each other and are further developed together.

The publications are complemented by the Information System of the Federal Health Monitoring (Informationssystem der GBE, IS-GBE). It is an online database which provides information on all GBE topics and is maintained by the Federal Statistical Office. The database systematically pools information from over 100 different data sources, including official statistics, administrative and registry data, and surveys.

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Date: 27.03.2014