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Abstract zur Publikation: Assays for laboratory confirmation of novel human coronavirus (hCoV-EMC) infections

Corman VM, Müller MA, Costabel U, Timm J, Binger T, Meyer B, Kreher P, Lattwein E, Eschbach-Bludau M, Nitsche A, Bleicker T, Landt O, Schweiger B, Drexler JF, Osterhaus AD, Haagmans BL, Dittmer U, Bonin F, Wolff T, Drosten C (2012): Assays for laboratory confirmation of novel human coronavirus (hCoV-EMC) infections.
Euro Surveill. 17 (49): pii: 20334.

We present a rigorously validated and highly sensitive confirmatory real-time RT-PCR assay (1Aassay) that can be used in combination with the previously reported upEassay. Two additional RT-PCR assays for sequencing are described, targeting the RdRpgene (RdRpSeqassay) and Ngene (NSeq assay), where an insertion/deletion polymorphism might exist among different hCoV-EMC strains. Finally, a simplified and biologically safe protocol for detection of antibody response by immunofluorescence microscopy was developed using convalescent patient serum.







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