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Abstract zur Publikation: Detection of human-pathogenic poxviruses

Kurth A, Nitsche A (2011): Detection of human-pathogenic poxviruses.
In: Stephenson JR, Warnes A (Hrsg), Diagnostic Virology Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 665, chapter 15. Heidelberg: Springer eBook, pp. 257-278. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-60761-817-1_15.

With the eradication of smallpox about 30 years ago, the identification and differentiation of other poxviruses with varying pathogenicity in humans present a challenge for diagnostic facilities. While a clinical differentiation can be demanding, electron microscopy is the fastest approach to identify poxviruses. Molecular techniques, based on specific genomic sequences, are routinely applied to identify poxvirus species and distinguish between individual virus variants. In this chapter, we present detailed protocols for both techniques and discuss questions relevant to fast and reliable diagnostics of poxviruses.







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