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Abstract zur Publikation: Increasing case numbers of adenovirus conjunctivitis in Germany

Adlhoch C, Schöneberg I, Fell G, Brandau D, Benzler J (2010): Increasing case numbers of adenovirus conjunctivitis in Germany.
Euro Surveill. 15 (45): pii=19707.

In 2010 (as of 13 October 2010), the number of adenovirus conjunctivitis cases reported to the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, Germany, has increased by more than 250% compared with same period in the previous two years. An investigation was initiated to identify spatial or temporal clusters, possible sources of infection and potential connections to cases abroad. The analysis did not show a disproportionately affected sex or age group, but many infections were preceded by exposure to ophthalmological facilities, communal facilities or public places.







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