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Abstract zur Publikation: German-Austrian recommendations for the anti-retroviral therapy of HIV-infection

Salzberger B, Marcus U, Vielhaber B, Arasteh K, Gölz J, Brockmeyer NH, Rockstroh J (2004): German-Austrian recommendations for the anti-retroviral therapy of HIV-infection.
Eur. J. Med. Res. 9: 491-504.

The availability and application of effective antiretroviral combination therapies have now almost become routine. More than 20 antiretroviral substances in four classes have been approved. Although an almost incalculable number of combinations can be conceived, it must be stressed, that only a small number of the theoretically possible combinations are actually applicable. As a result of the broad therapeutic armamentarium, HIV infection can be better treated. However, the decisions to start, monitor and change therapy have become even more difficult because the indication for treatment, the selection of the most suitable therapy for an individual, the information and counselling of the patient, and the monitoring of the success of treatment all demand a high level of knowledge and experience. This guideline evaluates the indication and selection of the initial antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection.







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