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Advanced Management of Biological Threats

AMBIT, or Advanced Management of Biological Threats, is a cutting-edge concept created by the Robert Koch-Institut. The program combines intense practical and theoretical training to prepare healthcare professionals and public health officials for a major infectious disease outbreak.  Such an outbreak would likely strain the capabilities and capacities of traditional health systems, posing extraordinary challenges rarely encountered by health responders. The curriculum therefore places a heavy emphasis on practical exercises and simulations of real incidents, with a focus on building “real-life” preparedness.

AMBIT International

The three-day course for international experts in medicine and public health includes elements of AMBIT’s two training program versions, one of which is designed for primary healthcare workers, the other for public health officials.  Participants will work in small groups guided by expert trainers. They will take part in drills involving risk assessment, outbreak management and containment, decontamination, risk communication, use of protective gear, and more. 
In addition to improving preparedness, this course also seeks to promote discussion and exchange regarding the common challenges and threats facing health. Participants will be encouraged to share their own knowledge and lessons learned from previous experience. 

Exemplary schedule 


Welcome & Overview of the Course Concept

Public Health Management of Biological Threats

Surveillance and International Health Regulations

Bio-Terror relevant Agents

Practical PH Management Session

Participation in a Hospital Exercise



Introduction into Personal Protection

Practical Session

Equipment and Procedures

Media Training

Demonstration: Patient Transport

Case Report: Management of a Lassa Patient

Evaluation and Discussion

Date: 01.10.2011