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Members of STIKO

The members of the STIKO current appointment period 2017-2020. Source: WDR/AufmKolk STIKO-MitgliederFirst row (sitting, from left to right): Garbe, von Kries, Hummers-Pradier, Roebl-Mathieu, Wicker; 2nd row: Littmann, Widders, Meerpohl, Mertens, Klug, Ledig, Heininger; 3rd row: Zepp, Terhardt, Überla, Bogdan, van der Sande, Burchard. Source: WDR/AufmKolk

STIKO members appointed for 2017 to 2020:

Mertens, Thomas. Virology. Professor em., former University Hospital Ulm (Chairman)

Hummers-Pradier, Eva. General Medicine. Professor, University Hospital Göttingen

Bogdan, Christian. Immunology, Microbiology. Professor, University Hospital Erlangen

Burchard, Gerd-Dieter. Tropical and Travel Medicine. Professor em., former Bernhard Nocht Institute, Hamburg

Garbe, Edeltraut. Clinical Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine Research. Professor, University of Bremen

Heininger, Ulrich. Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Vaccinology. Professor, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

von Kries, Rüdiger. Paediatric Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Social Medicine. Professor em., former University Hospital Munich

Ledig, Thomas. General Medicine. Private practice, Ditzingen

Littmann, Martina. Public Health. State Health Department of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Rostock

Meerpohl, Jörg. Paediatrics, Evidence-based Medicine Methodology. Cochrane Germany, University Hospital Freiburg

Röbl-Mathieu, Marianne. Gynaecology. Private practice, Munich

van der Sande, Marianne. Epidemiology. Dept. of Public Health, Antwerpen, Belgien

Terhardt, Martin. Paediatrics. Private practice, Berlin

Überla, Klaus. Virology, Immunology. Professor, University Hospital Erlangen

Wicker, Sabine. Occupational Medicine. Professor, University Hospital Frankfurt/Main (Deputy Chairlady)

Widders, Gudrun. Public Health. Local Health Authority Spandau, Berlin

Wiedermann-Schmidt, Ursula. Vaccinology, Tropical and Travel Medicine. Professor, University of Vienna, Austria

Zepp, Fred. Paediatric Infectious Diseases, Vaccinology. Professor, University Hospital Mainz

Date: 04.03.2020