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Local Health Authority Day 2021

Crisis Response

The local health authority is a central pillar in protecting the health of the population – something both society and policymakers have become acutely aware of during the COVID 19 pandemic. The motto for the Local Health Authority Day 2021 is "Crisis Response".

Pandemic response is a task for society as a whole, but around the world, local health authorities are one of the key players. They identify contacts, collect important data for situation assessment, and advise citizens, institutions, and policymakers on all aspects of infection protection. At all levels, the work of public health departments decisively influences the infection control measures taken. The RKI would like to take the opportunity to thank Public Health staff for their crisis response during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Johann Peter Frank, lithography by Adolph Friedrich Kunike, 1819

On 19 March 2019, RKI has proclaimed the Local Health Authority Day for the first time. It was on this day in 1745 that Johann Peter Frank was born, a physician and social medicine specialist considered as the founder of Public Health. Efficient local health authorities are the backbone of all public health efforts everywhere in the world.

Date: 02.03.2021