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International projects

The Robert Koch Institute participates in the large European projects EMIS, ENHPB/EQADeBa, REACT and QUANDHIP in the field of Protection of Infections.

The European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) is a joint project from 35 European countries to inform European prevention planning for a group highly affected by infections with HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs)…more

The general objective of the project was to provide evidence and tools towards a common European standard for the response to emerging public health threats…more

ENHPB is based on an EU project the RKI is carrying out as coordinator on the topic of “Establishment of Quality Assurances for Detection of Highly Pathogenic Bacteria of Potential Bioterrorism Risk“ (EQADeBa)…more

The Joint Action EMERGE comprises a European network with about 40 diagnostic laboratories focused on risk group 3 bacteria and risk groups 3 and 4 viruses. EMERGE aims to provide a common, coordinated and effective response to infectious disease outbreaks at EU level and abroad.…more


EQuATox will create a network of experts among EU 27 and associated countries, focussing on biological toxins and integrating experts from the security, verification, health and food sector...more

Date: 13.01.2016