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European Training Programmes at RKI

PAE – Postgraduate Training for Applied Epidemiology

Since 1996 the Robert Koch Institute has provided the Postgraduate Training for Applied Epidemiology (PAE). The programme aims to train scientists in the field of infectious disease epidemiology and places a particular focus on applying epidemiological methods for the prevention and control of infectious diseases when working in the German public health service (ÖGD). The PAE is a "field epidemiology training programme" and as such closely linked to the ECDC Fellowship Programme (EPIET/EUPHEM). The curriculum and most of the integrated training modules are framed in cooperation with the ECDC. Thus, the participants of the PAE are part of the EPIET/EUPHEM network and are regularly in close contact with their European colleagues.


EPIET – The European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training

The ECDC Fellowship Programme is a two-year competency based training with two paths: the field epidemiology path (EPIET) and the public health microbiology path (EUPHEM). The EPIET path offers a curriculum that trains public health experts in competencies for intervention epidemiology and the EUPHEM path provides microbiologists with training in competencies for public health microbiology. After the two-year training EPIET and EUPHEM graduates are considered experts in applying epidemiological or microbiological methods to provide evidence to guide public health interventions for communicable disease prevention and control.


EUPHEM – European Public Health Microbiology Training Path

EUPHEM is a two-year postgraduate qualification programme by ECDC that aims to provide training for scientists with experience in microbiology and a keen interest in public health in the core areas of public health microbiology (PHM). The Robert Koch-Institute has been a training site of EUPHEM since September 2009.