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Mosquito Protection and Mass Vaccination: containing Yellow Fever in Congo

The yellow fever epidemic spreads from Angola to the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In June 2016, a team from the World Health Organisation (WHO) travels to the border region to assess the situation on the spot and prepare for mass vaccination. One member of the team is Emilie Peron who works at the Robert Koch Institute under the European Programme for Intervention Epidemiology Training (EPIET).

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Source: RKI In December 2015, the first cases of yellow fever are confirmed in Angola. The epidemic spreads to the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. In June 2016, RKI epidemiologist Emilie Peron (2nd from left) spends four weeks on the spot – on behalf of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Together with WHO colleagues, one of her tasks is to prepare mass vaccination in the border areas.

Date: 27.09.2016