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The doctoral programme “AI in Public Health”

The Doctoral programme “AI in Public Health” which is unique to the ZKI-PH provides a structured, 3-year framework which supports doctoral students in gaining theoretical knowledge and practical experience in conducting interdisciplinary research at the interface of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Public Health. The comprehensive curriculum combines theoretical and practical training in a range of AI-related techniques with in depth insights on Public Health providing an innovative interdisciplinary umbrella structure. The main aim of this doctoral programme is to prepare young scientists for a future scientific career in the field of AI-supported Public Health-applications.

The projects of the second PhD cohort

  • Analyzing public discourse in information media with AI for deeper insights into concurrent developments in public mental health
  • Human-in-the-loop and storytelling-based explainable frameworks for the next generation of explainable ensemble methods and artificial intelligence techniques
  • AI-based spatial mapping of multiple microbial pathogens in complex, polymicrobial communities
  • Influence of the accessibility to points of interests on physical and mental health of inhabitants of rural regions in Germany
  • Immunization planning for climate change
  • Unsupervised learning for surveillance indicators
  • Monitoring antimicrobial resistance reservoirs and the evolution of virulence through AI-supported next generation annotation of horizontal gene transfer
  • AI-supported proteomics analysis for an effective antimicrobial therapy decision
  • Tackling increased prevalence of Lassa virus in human, and animal reservoirs using phylogenomics and machine learning approaches

The projects of the first PhD cohort

Three PhD students from ZKI-PH give insights into their work

Please note: The videos are available in German only.

Doctoral student Denis - Shaping the future of research with AI? Source: RKIDoctoral student Denis - Denis shares insights into his work at ZKI-PH

Doctoral student Paula - Making the invisible visible with AI? Source: RKIDoctoral student Paula - Paula shares insights into her work at ZKI-PH

Doctoral student Silvan - Better understanding of public health through AI and social media? Source: RKIDoctoral student Silvan - Silvan shares insights into his work at ZKI-PH

Date: 19.01.2024