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ZKI-PH 4: Climate and Societal Analysis

Christopher Irrgang
Heiner Stuke

The unit ZKI-PH 4 "Climate and Societal Analysis" is focused on the strategic management and expansion of research at the interface between climate change, society and public health. A central goal of the unit is the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods to integrate research on climate change and public health as a holistic system. With this approach, the development of digital models and early warning systems is being pursued, in order to fundamentally strengthen societal resilience to climate-related health risks. Methodologically, the unit combines techniques from geophysical climate modelling, mathematical and statistical disease modelling, the analysis of dynamic networks in global transport routes or social media, and computational social and behavioural sciences, which are combined with the help of AI in relation to the public health sector.


  • Strategic management of the expansion of AI research as an interface between climate, social and health research
  • Development of AI-based methods for integrating climate change and public health as a holistic system
  • Development of digital models and early warning systems to build societal resilience against climate-related health threats
  • Use of methods for the integration of computational social sciences and behavioural analysis in relation to public health aspects

Date: 01.04.2024

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