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PhD Programme 2024 - 2027 at the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Public Health Research (ZKI-PH)

Artificial Intelligence in Public Health - PhD student programme 2024-2027. Source: RKI

The aim of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Public Health Research (ZKI-PH) at the RKI is to link the expertise traditionally anchored at the RKI in the research of infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases with the methods of artificial intelligence. It combines bioinformatics, computational epidemiology, modern data visualisation, big data and systems analysis with machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision research and the development of realistic computer simulations in the field of public health.

The ZKI-PH sees itself as an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary centre that supports the RKI's progress in public health research strategically and, above all, across departments. In collaboration with colleagues from the other departments of the RKI, the following project ideas for jointly supervised PhD projects related to AI were developed for the third cohort of doctoral students (2024 - 2027).

Topic overview:

  1. Predicting the occurrence of vaccine-preventable diseases in Germany with Machine Learning approaches
  2. Antimicrobial resistance surveillance through innovative ML/AI-driven data visualization
  3. Assessing measles elimination status through AI-assisted molecular surveillance
  4. Next level virus isolation in cell culture using artificial intelligence
  5. Developing an interactive and responsive, large-language model (LLM)-based Public Health Knowledge System
  6. Investigating the compounding effects of socio-economic factors on infectious disease dynamics of vector-borne diseases
  7. Unsupervised pattern identification in biomedical imaging data

Interested candidates can apply on Interamt for the doctoral positions until 30th of April:

Date: 12.03.2024