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ZIG 2: Evidence-based Public Health

Charbel El Bcheraoui
Sameh Al-Awlaqi, Heide Weishaar

ZIG 2 aims to improve global public health through the generation, evaluation, and use of strategic information. By doing so, it provides the scientific evidence for prioritisation, and effective implementation, of international health policy and projects.

Scientists and science managers trained in public health, sociology, anthropology, epidemiology, medicine, philosophy, health economics, and law form a global health research team. Its biggest strength is that personal characteristics are as diversified as academic trainings.

The unit employs a wide spectrum of global health research methods ranging from rapid literature reviews, to large scale, multi-country, primary data collection-based projects. Further, projects are implemented in partnership with public health authorities and academic institutions from Eastern, to Southern, Western, Central Africa, to Germany, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.


  • Development and application of scientific methods to study the effectiveness of public health measures
  • Evaluation of global health initiatives and interventions
  • Analysis of public and global health policies
  • Development and preparation of systematic reviews on priority public and international health topics
  • Health needs assessments ("gap analysis")
  • Development of human resources capacity in international health research methods
  • Development and implementation of prioritisation processes for projects and measures in the context of international health protection
  • Creation of topic-specific guidelines and protocols for public health measures in an international context
  • Generation of research projects and other projects to strengthen international health protection

Date: 21.04.2022