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Fundamental and Legal Issues

Joachim-Martin Mehlitz
Bettina Hanke

The Division of Fundamental and Legal Issues is responsible for legal functions throughout all sections of the Robert Koch Institute. Apart from counselling of employees of the institute, emphasis is placed on the monitoring of executive functions of the Robert Koch Institute as defined by law. These include health legislation (in particular the Law on the Prevention of Infection, the Law of Transfusion), gene technology (Law on Genetic Engineering), genetic modified food and feed, biomedical legislation (Stem Cell Law) and the dangerous goods legislation. The division contributes to the preparation of legislation in relevant sectors of health and environment (including changes to legislation at the EU level). The division functions as legal advisor (including contract affairs and representation in court cases), and communicates with courts, legal authorities and lawyers. The division further coordinates the supervision and utilisation of inventions by employees of the institute.

Date: 02.07.2020