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MF4: Research Data Management

(accredited Research Data Centre)

Linus Grabenhenrich
Jens Erling

The Robert Koch Institute gathers unique and extensive expert data not just within the research framework, but as a statutory task within the scope of the Protection against Infection Act (Infektions­schutz­gesetz). The Research Data Manage­ment unit manages these complex hetero­geneous research data with the aim of making such data sets usable in the long run.

The service facility Research Data Manage­ment is subdivided into 3 core areas, namely, Research Data Management, Information service (Library) and the Research Data Centre.


Research Data Management

  • Management and publication of verified and assessed research data
  • Setting-up and further developing the RKI Research Data Centre
  • Compiling and managing the RKI Data and Metadata Catalogues
  • Standardizing processes related to data collection
  • Establishing and further developing research data management services:

    • Data management plan and data characterization
    • Data management
    • Data quality control
    • Data documentation, publication and registration
    • Access to data for external scientists
    • Basic statistical analyses
  • Procuring and managing secondary data
  • Advising RKI employees with regard to all questions pertaining to research data management within the scope of third-party grant applications
  • Networking with local and international research data infrastructures

Information Service

  • Gathering and making external information (Expert data banks, participation in science library networks) accessible and available
  • Access, presentation and use of new media
  • Advising scientific personnel of the institute with regard to the publication processes for journals and research data

    • Information about publishers, publication models and publishing platforms
    • Bibliometric analyses
  • Supervising the institutional repository (
  • Documentation of the scientific output of the Robert Koch Institute
  • Training offers in the areas of information and data literacy
  • DOI registration
  • Supporting open-science activities at the RKI, particularly Open Data and Open Access publications in order to present research activities of the RKI
  • Further development of library services towards an extensive information service
  • Administration of the scientific estate of Robert Koch

    • Answering inquiries about Robert Koch and the history of the Robert Koch Institute
    • Provision of archival documents for inspection (by written appointment)
    • Transcription of letters incl. online publication on
    • Archival appraisal and (post-) indexing of written records and photographs

Research Data Centre

The Robert Koch Institute makes use of its Research Data Centre to provide scientists access to selected data sets for scientific secondary analysis. The RKI Research Data Centre has been accredited by the Council of Social and Economic Data (RatSWD) and manages and publishes verified and assessed data from RKI health surveys in the form of Public Use Files as well as within the scope of other data usage options.

Date: 05.02.2021