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WP 6: Toolkit for local implementation of the International Health Regulations (2005)


To develop a tool for reporting events relevant to the IHR (2005) from local to national level

A toolkit has been developed to assist European countries meet the core capacities required by the IHR (2005), by means of improving event reporting from frontline healthcare workers to the relevant public health authorities. WHO Member States are expected to have implemented the capacities to detect, report and respond to public health events at the local level by June 2012.

The toolkit was produced using evidence from a systematic literature review, qualitative interviews with European state epidemiologists, and expert consultations, focusing on obstacles and incentives to event reporting. Real life examples of public health event reporting were extracted from the interviews and integrated into the toolkit material.

The toolkit is structured as a guidance document for IHR National Focal Points, which includes a collection of tool templates targeting frontline healthcare workers (clinicians and laboratories). The tool templates are meant to be adapted by the relevant public health authorities based on country specific needs and distributed at the local level.

Included in the toolkit are templates for awareness campaign tools (leaflets, posters and wallet cards for clinicians and laboratories), education and training materials (event reporting lecture and discussion workshop) and an implementation plan. The templates emphasize what to report, the reporting process and the resulting follow up.

These materials can be obtained from the REACT Associated Partners at the

Date: 17.12.2013


  • MacDonald E, Aavitsland P, Bitar D, Borgen K (2011): Detection of events of public health importance under the international health regulations: a toolkit to improve reporting of unusual events by frontline healthcare workers
    BMC Public Health 11: 713. doi: 10.1186/1471-2458-11-713.
    (PDF, 385 KB)