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Associated Partners

The so called Associated Partners of the REACT Project were members of the consortium involved during the entire project period and responsible for the implementation of the various work packages within the REACT project.

Please find below a list of the associated partners:

The coordination of the project was shared by RKI and GIZ. The coordinator was primarily responsible to ensure that actions were taken in order to achieve the project goals. The technical lead was with GIZ and the scientific lead with RKI.

While the associated partners concentrated on the achievements of the objectives of the work packages, the collaborating partners (European Public Health Institutions, international organisations from the health sector, the public transport sector, disease networks) on the other side provided additional expertise relevant for the implementation of the project.

Collaborating Partners

Collaborating partners formed a heterogenic group consisting out of 12 European Public Health Institutions, international organisations from the health sector, organisations from the public transport, various disease networks and international organizations relevant for mass gatherings. The collaborating partners added broad and extensive experience, contributed to create synergies, improve compatibility between EU member states, and help to strengthen cooperation and networking.

Collaborating Partners

  • Airports Council International (ACI), Germany
  • Centre for Virology and Communicable Disease Surveillance, Portugal
  • Centro Nacional de Epidemiología Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Spain
  • Deutsche Bahn AG, Germany
  • European Hospital Organisation (HOPE), Belgium
  • Health Protection Inspectorate, Estonia
  • Hungarian National Centre for Epidemiology (OEK), Hungary
  • Hygiene Division Institute of Kralovehradecky County, Czech Republic
  • Institute de Veille Sanitaire (InVS), France
  • International Air Transport Association (IATA), Canada
  • International Civil Aviation Oranisation (ICAO), Canada
  • RIVM - Centre for Infectious Disease Control, The Netherlands
  • World Health Organization Europe (WHO), Denmark

Date: 02.02.2012