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Unit 31: Infectious Disease Data Science Unit

Hermann Claus
Göran Kirchner

The main tasks of unit 31 'Data Management' of Department 3 include the administration and editing of all infection-related epidemiological data (e.g., surveillance data regulated by the Protection against Infection Act (IfSG) and the Transfusion Law (TFG), Sentinels, ...)


  • Technical supervision of the network responsible for the transmission of the IfSG-imposed surveillance data

    • Administration of the data base at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)
    • Import and maintenance of the surveillance data
    • Support of the Public Health Sector
  • Editing of the surveillance data for publication

    • for routine analyses, for instance in the epidemiological bulletin or disease- or pathogen-specific semi-annual or annual reports,
    • for the development of web applications allowing the access of current data on the internet
    • for the development of outbreak detection algorithms

  • Modelling in context of Public Healthcare:

    • Creation of models for considering specific epidemiologic issues, especially concerning pandemic influenza preparedness planning
    • Evaluation of external, modelling related policy recommendations
    • Appraisal of anthropogeographic or demographic parameters as well as analysis of social and demographic activities and their intergration an the modelling context

  • Further development of the SurvNet@RKI, application, which serves to manage the IfSG-generated data at the RKI, the State Health Authorities as well as a number of local health authorities, in collaboration with the company picoware
  • Definition of the protocol for the exchange of surveillance data between local and State Health Authorities, and the RKI
  • Development of interfaces for data collection as well as data analysis in different projects, for instance data management for the BMBF project "Emerging Foodborne Pathogens in Germany" at the RKI
  • Editing of the IfSG-imposed surveillance data for further communication in a European context
  • Providing advice to other units regarding study design and statistics
  • Maintenance and further development of several other databases at the RKI
  • Maintenance of the database server

Date: 01.01.2018


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