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German Centre for Cancer Registry Data

Klaus Kraywinkel
Benjamin Barnes


The German Centre for Cancer Registry Data (Zentrum für Krebsregisterdaten, ZfKD) regularly estimates and analyses the number of new cases of cancer per year in Germany based on the data from the federal state cancer registries.

In addition to the morbidity rate, mortality rate and survival rate, other indicators such as prevalence, distribution of tumour stages, and risks of illness and death are also calculated. Moreover, the trends over time are observed. The data obtained at the ZfKD can be used to evaluate health policy measures, for example for the prevention, early detection, treatment and methods of care of cancer.

Before conducting its evaluation, the ZfKD checks the data on cancer collected at federal state level for completeness and plausibility. The completeness of the reported cases in the state cancer registries is also estimated. This figure is an important criterion for the quality of epidemiology cancer registration.

Based on control numbers, the ZfKD compares the data from the federal state cancer registries nationwide. This allows duplicate entries to be detected and excluded.

Together with the federal state cancer registries and with the support of external scientists, the ZfKD continuously improves the methods and standards for consistent collection, transmission and analysis of cancer registry data. The Centre is involved in national and international committees for cancer registration and cancer epidemiology.

Alongside scientific publications, the ZfKD regularly releases reports on the prevalence and trends of cancer in Germany, for example in the “Cancer in Germany” report published every two years in cooperation with the Association of Population-based Cancer Registries in Germany (Gesellschaft der epidemiologischen Krebsregister e.V., GEKID).

Scientists can receive the cancer registry data as a 'Scientific Use File' on request.

Date: 01.07.2015