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ZV 3: Construction, Physical Plant and Technology

Kristin Effenberger
Karl-Heinz Rothe

The unit’s main task is to oversee the technical and technological operations and to maintain the physical plant to guarantee the technical and functional reliability of the Institute. Through maintenance, servicing, warranty tracking and renovation, the unit makes a significant contribution to sustaining scientific research operations. Professionally trained personnel carry out work primarily in the following areas:

  • Heating, sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning, and electro-technical facilities
  • Technical safety systems, such as access control systems, burglar alarms, electroacoustic warning systems, fire alarms, video surveillance and building control systems
  • central emergency generating units
  • special laboratory devices
  • large general use devices
  • structured wiring
  • building maintenance
  • minor repairs
  • computer-aided facility and area management systems

Furthermore, the unit handles the contractual and technical support of the cafeteria and its leaseholders. It also is responsible for the coordination and processing of property management and occasionally works in cooperation with Germany’s Federal Real Estate Authority, the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA). Printing is another special service, as is carrying out the administrative processing of applications in accordance with Germany’s genetic technology laws (Gentechnikgesetz (GenTG)) and biological materials regulations (Biostoffverordnung (BioStV)). Among other services offered are:

  • preparing and guaranteeing the proper functioning of technical facilities
  • informing and advising users
  • support in planning, procurement and restructuring
  • contract administration for services provided under VOB (German building contract terms)
  • building maintenance
  • administration of space, areas and facilities
  • plan administration
  • occupancy records and administration
  • space allocation
  • key administration
  • operation of an administration and ticketing system for internal facility management (FM)
  • technical support, carrying out FM commissions
  • issuing identification cards
  • technical support for auditorium events in coordination with the unit for Information Technology
  • administration of genetic engineering facilities

Date: 01.03.2023