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ZV 5: Internal Services

Ines Abramowitsch
Daniel Robertson

Internal Services administers the institute’s real estate in Berlin and Wernigerode. Its responsibilities include, among other things: maintenance of exteriors and gardens by building superintendents and groundskeepers, management of moving and waste removal, records, postal and messenger services, entrances, the telephone exchange, the car pool, and the issuing of access permits. The department also manages the contracting of services like snow removal, cleaning, and window washing.

In addition, Internal Services manages five guest apartments and ensures the security of infrastructure on all properties. Another service provided is central laboratory supply,

Housing assistance is a specialty of the unit. It administers housing applications in cooperation with Germany’s Federal Real Estate Authority the (Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA).

Other services provided are:

  • administration and assignment of conference rooms
  • furnishing and equipping conference rooms
  • procuring and managing art works and the related record-keeping
  • supporting events, remodelling spaces and supporting the catering service
  • signs and room-numbering
  • management of parking spaces
  • administration of service bicycles
  • administration of official seals

Date: 30.06.2016