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ZV 1: Human Resources

Silvia Schuckert
Christine Steinicke

The Human Resources Unit takes care of all aspects relating to employment, from recruitment to retirement. It offers competent and comprehensive advice and information about legal, financial and other terms of employment. Human resources are dedicated to appreciate all employees and to provide them with an attractive work environment that promotes initiative, creativity and transparency. Personal development is a key component of this effort and promoted by a number of interesting offers for employees.

Flexible work hours

Human Resources development continues to further the advancement of flexible employment models. Contracts providing flexitime and part-time work, including telecommuting and mobile computing, creating a corresponding framework for meeting the needs of individual employees.

Education and training

Education and training of employees is a central component of our Human Resources development programme. Human Resources personnel and institute employees work on and plan educational, training and qualification measures. Training needs assessment is carried out annually. The results provide the basis for RKI’s annual internal education and training programmes. Employees are also encouraged to take part in external qualification programmes.

Operational health management

Improvement of working conditions, prevention and health maintenance, and bettering the well-being of employees are central aspects of operational health management. Operational health is promoted by supporting regular physical activity in cooperation with the staff council, equal opportunities and safety representatives, and the representative of the disabled. Beyond that, programmes for reintegrating employees after an illness have also been established at the institute.

Demographic change and intergenerational human resources’ policy

The Robert Koch Institute is actively addressing the challenges posed by demographic developments. Evolving generational structures are taken into account by the Human Resources Unit and its policies. A central element of intergenerational human resources policy is creating an environment that values every age group, shapes fair employment relations between generations, and creates ageand family-appropriate workplaces and working conditions, including furthering inclusion of all age groups in education, training and operational health management. This also encompasses motivating employees to engage in life-long learning and takes into consideration that varied experiences mean every generation learns in its own way. As a result, user-oriented and self-directed education and training are supported. In short, the institute and our employees are oriented towards demographic change through a range of measures, projects and events.

Compatibility of life and career

Promoting and supporting the compatibility of life and career is considered throughout all activities undertaken within the framework of human resources development. It is an integral part of human resources development.

Date: 30.06.2016