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ZBS 6: Proteomics and Spectroscopy

Peter Lasch
Michael Beekes


  • Characterisation of highly pathogenic microorganisms by means of proteomic techniques (MALDI-TOF and ESI-MS, 2D-PAGE) and bioinformatics
  • Research on the molecular and structural bases underlying the proteinaceous seeding activity of prions and other self-replicating protein particles (“prionoids”) in transmissible and non-transmissible proteinopathies
  • Proteomics and molecular biology of proteinopathies and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Rapid detection of pathogens by vibrational (infrared and Raman) spectroscopy and microspectroscopy
  • Development of methods for the characterisation of agents with bioterrorism potential based on surface-enhanced and tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS, TERS)
  • Characterisation of cells, cell clusters and tissue structures for pathologically and/or chronically degenerative processes by means of microspectroscopic techniques (Raman, infrared and MALDI microspectroscopy and imaging) in combination with modern methods of bioinformatics

Research Group Prions and Prionoids

Head: Michael Beekes
Deputy: Achim Thomzig

  • Basic and applied research on the proteinaceous seeding activity of prions and prionoids with biochemical, proteomic and spectroscopic methods
  • Development and validation of methods for the inactivation of prions and prionoids
  • In vitro alternatives to animal bioassays for prions and prionoids

Research Group Proteinopathies / Neurodegenerative Diseases

Head: Michael Baier

  • Animal models for studying transmissibility of proteinopathies
  • Pathomechanisms of neurodegenerative proteinopathies (e.g. Alzheimer´s disease)

Date: 06.03.2017