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ZBS 5: Biosafety Level-4 Laboratory

Andreas Kurth
Frank Siejak


  • Operating a biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) laboratory within the Robert Koch Institute
  • Establishment of diagnostic methods and diagnostic of pathogens in biosafety level 4
  • Development of strategies for the prevention, decontamination and control of highly pathogenic viruses together with the ZBS 7 and ZBS 1
  • Participation in / Organisation of interlaboratory tests for quality assurance of diagnostics (national and international)

Research Group Risk Group 4 – Experimental Infection and Transmission

Head: Andreas Kurth

  • Elucidate mechanisms of virus pathogenesis and transmission in their reservoir species
  • Establishment of infection models

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Research Group Risk Group 4 – Comparative Immunology

Head: Joseph Prescott

  • Research on the interaction between zoonotic hemorrhagic fever causing viruses and the immune system of their natural reservoirs
  • Examining the immune response to highly pathogenic viruses in animal models supporting human immune systems
  • Developing and characterizing the efficacy of therapeutics in animal models of hemorrhagic fevers

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Research Group Risk Group 4 – Stability and Persistence

Head: Susann Kummer

  • Risk assessment of environmental stability by testing the influence of surface texture and carrier medium
  • Analysis of viral persistence and evaluation of decontamination procedures
  • Providing recommendations and guidelines for Biosafety Level-4 laboratories

Date: 01.03.2022