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ZBS 3: Biological Toxins

Consultant laboratory for neurotoxin-producing clostridia (botulism, tetanus)

Brigitte Dorner
Martin Dorner

Tasks include:

  • Diagnostics of microbial toxins that could be used for bioterrorist attacks using techniques based on cell biological, genetical and serological parameters, as well as chromatographic methods and mass spectroscopy
  • Development of SOPs for diagnostics
  • Provision of reference samples, reference bacterial strains and standards, storage of diagnostic material
  • Adaptation of the diagnostic materials to the expected sample material
  • Development of strategies for the detection of novel and modified toxins and agents
  • Research on the pathogenesis of the diseases induced
  • Interlaboratory experiments to assure the quality of diagnostics
  • Contribution to the development of standard therapies
  • Characterisation of adherence/colonisation factors in toxin-producing and tissue-damaging bacteria
Diagnostic range
ToxinDetection method
AbrinELISA, funct. methods, spectroscopy*
Clostridium botulinum toxins ELISA, cultivation, functional methods, spectroscopy*, nucleic acid detection, subtyping
Clostridium tetani toxincultivation, functional method, nucleic acid detection
RicinELISA, functional methods, spectroscopy*, nucleic acid detection
Staphylococcal enterotoxin B from S. aureusELISA, cultivation, spectroscopy*

* carried out at ZBS 6

Please call us before you submit any samples.

Date: 14.07.2017