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ZBS 1: Highly Pathogenic Viruses

Andreas Nitsche
Heinz Ellerbrok


  • Establishment of diagnostic methods to detect high-risk pathogens, in particular imported viruses and viruses that could be used for bioterrorist attacks
  • Establishment of methods to detect genetically modified viruses
  • Development of antigen-based detection methods for risk category 3 pathogens (eventually, risk category 4 pathogens)
  • Development of rapid and sensitive nucleic acid-based detection methods for the identification, characterisation and differentiation of pathogens of high-risk groups
  • Development of strategies for the combat and prevention of infections with highly pathogenic viruses
  • Research on these pathogens in order to improve both therapy and prophylactics
  • Research on mechanisms of pathogenesis of both wild-type viruses and genetically modified viruses that could be used as bioweapons
  • Development of SOPs (standard operating procedures) for diagnostics
  • Provision of reference samples, standards and materials for diagnostics
  • Quality management and further development of detection methods based on serologic or virologic parameters or the pathogen’s molecular biology; interlaboratory experiments
  • Organisation of collaborations with European and international high level disease safety laboratories (including ENIVD)

Date: 18.01.2017