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Expert Advisory Board on Influenza

Members of the Expert Advisory Board on Influenza. Source: © RKI

The RKI Expert Advisory Board on Influenza was founded in November 2012. It advises the RKI prior to and during an influenza pandemic with regard to scientific questions concerning influenza, including the update of the scientific part of the German Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Plan (Part II).

The scientific part describes the current scientific knowledge on pandemic influenza preparedness planning and response to pandemic influenza. The experiences from the 2009 pandemic have been incorporated, such as preparing a flexible response to different pandemic scenarios and performing national risk assessments as a basis for measures to be taken. Thus, it serves as a technical basis for decisions on measures to prepare for the event of a pandemic, as well as measures in the event of a pandemic. These measures aim to protect the health of the German population in a future pandemic and to mitigate the overall effects of a pandemic. The executive secretariat of the RKI Expert Advisory Board on Influenza is part of unit 36 “Respiratory Infections”.

Date: 17.10.2018