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Participation of migrant children in nationwide health surveys

Development of measures to break down barriers to participation

Contact persons: Dr. Ute Ellert, Dr. Hannelore Neuhauser

In order to encourage migrants to take part in the health surveys in sufficient numbers, existing obstacles must be identified and overcome.

These include aspects such as specific fears, reservations and, not least, language barriers. The results of the study form the basis for improved inclusion of migrants in future health surveys. Standard development extends to the following areas, among others:

  • Sampling, sampling design and attracting test persons
  • Selection of topics/questions specific to migrants
  • Design of data collection tools
  • Special features of data collection/field work and quality assurance
  • Data evaluation and health reporting.

Duration/status:  2002 to 2004 / complete

Data source: KiGGS

Project type: Pilot study in KiGGS pre-test, epidemiological methods

Cooperation partner: Dr. Liane Schenk

Date: 13.10.2014