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OMAHA II: Individualised case management in geriatric primary care

Contact person: Dr. Christa Scheidt-Nave, Dr. Beate Gärtner,  Dr. Martin Holzhausen

The aim of OMAHA II is to test and evaluate a model for improving the outpatient care of vulnerable older people with multimorbidity in private households.

The capability of leading an autonomous and independent life should be preserved and hospital or nursing home stays should be avoided. Together with practice-based partners from geriatric primary care, individualised case management is performed for this purpose.

This relates to key elements of the Chronic Care model and therefore comprises a systematic definition of individual needs and requirements, comprehensive advice, individual target agreements, continuous guidance and practical support.

The study population will consist of a total of 200 vulnerable older people over the age of 65. The feasibility and effectiveness of the intervention as compared to regular primary care will be evaluated in the context of a non-randomised controlled study.

The primary endpoint is limitations in instrumental activities of daily living (IADL). Secondary endpoints are admission to hospital or a nursing home, basic activities of daily living (ADL), preference-based quality of life, perceived level of independence and physical ability.

Duration / status: January 2011 to December 2013

Data sources: Random sample of Berlin GP patients from a specialised geriatric practice and three medical care centres.

Project type: Research project in the context of the Berlin research consortium Autonomy despite multimorbidity in old age (AMA II) in cooperation with the Institute of Medical Biometrics and Clinical Epidemiology at the Charité university hospital Berlin            

Commissioned / financed by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Cooperation partners: Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Institute of Medical Biometrics and Clinical Epidemiology, Working group Clinical Geriatry of Berlin-Brandenburg Chamber of Physicians, Medical care centre Friedenau and Fennpfuhl, Vivantes MVZ Mahrzahn, Dr. med. Angela Kloppenborg, Medicalpraxis Dres. Kempf and colleagues

Date: 14.10.2014