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JoHM 2/2017 – Corrigendum

Regional health differences – developing a socioeconomic deprivation index for Germany

Kroll LE, Schumann M, Hoebel J et al. (2017)
Journal of Health Monitoring 2(2):98–114. DOI 10.17886/RKI-GBE-2017-048.2

In the original article, in Table 4 ‘Socioeco-nomic deprivation (in categories at the level of administrative and statistical regions) and deaths (2008-2010) by cause of death’ some of the values for standardised mortality rates by socioeconomic deprivation (GISD) were switched in the columns ‘Low’ and ‘High’.

Date of issue October 18, 2018 PDF (35 KB, File does meet accessibility standards.)