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Journal of Health Monitoring 4/2021

Public Health Journal for Germany. Quelle: RKI


Mental Health

Issue 4/2021 focuses on mental health.

The first Focus article of the issue analyses the relationship between mental health problems in childhood or adolescence and developmental outcomes in young adulthood. These include aspects of mental health, life satisfaction and health-related quality of life, latest educational status, partnership status as well as aspects of sexual and reproductive health.

The second Focus article examines the relationship between socioeconomic status, mental health issues and personal, social and family resources in childhood and adolescence, in particular the extent to which children from socially disadvantaged families benefit from psychosocial resources.

The third Focus article focusses on the establishment of a Mental Health Surveillance (MHS) in Germany. MHS aims to continuously report data for relevant mental health indicators, thus creating a basis for evidence-based planning and evaluation of public health measures. The article describes the development of the framework concept and indicator set of the MHS.

In addition, a methodological article presents the MHS at federal state level, in particular the reporting on psychiatry in Bavaria.

Date: 08.12.2021