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Journal of Health Monitoring 3/2021

Public Health Journal for Germany. Quelle: RKI


Health situation of adults in Germany – Results from GEDA 2019/2020-EHIS

Issue 3/2021 presents current results from the German Health Update (GEDA 2019/2020-EHIS), a nationwide cross-sectional survey conducted between April 2019 and September 2020 in Germany.

The first Focus article of the issue analyses prevalences of selected indicators of health status. These indicators include those of self-assessed health and depressive symptoms as well as chronic physical diseases and conditions (e. g. diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke).

The second Focus article examines how often the adult population in Germany reports certain types of health-promoting behaviour in their everyday lives. The behaviours considered are nonsmoking, low-risk alcohol consumption, achievement of the World Health Organization’s recommendations on aerobic physical activity, at least daily fruit and vegetable consumption, and maintaining a body weight within the normal range.

The third Focus article presents key data on the current utilisation of general and specialist medical services, including psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care by adults in Germany. It sets out results on the utilisation of selected outpatient services: stool test, colonoscopy, measurement of blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar by health professionals, and the utilisation of medically prescribed drugs.

In addition, the issue includes an article presenting background and methodology of GEDA 2019/2020-EHIS.

Date: 15.09.2021