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Journal of Health Monitoring S1/2017

Public Health Journal for Germany. Quelle: RKI


Good Practice in Health Reporting – guidelines and recommendations

The first special issue of the Journal of Health Monitoring introduces version 1.0 of Good Practice in Health Reporting.

The document sets out guidelines and recommendations that are intended to provide professional guidance for the creation of health reports. Good Practice in Health Reporting was developed with the aim of strengthening the field at the local, federal-state and national level.

These guidelines and recommendations were put together by an interdisciplinary working group consisting of representatives from the various levels of health reporting and relevant professional bodies in Germany.

Good Practice in Health Reporting was approved by the boards of the German Society for Social Medicine and Prevention and the German Society for Epidemiology, as well as by the extended board of the Federal Association of Physicians of German Public Health Departments.

Version 1.0 of Good Practice in Health Reporting is to be strengthened and developed further as part of a comprehensive review.

Date: 22.02.2017