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Reports archive

In the archive of Federal Health Reporting Reports, you will find the GBE Booklets (until 2017), the GBE kompakt series (until 2016), and the GBE contributions (until 2015).

Date: 09.12.2020

GBE Booklets

The last issue of this series was published in March 2017. The booklets deal with specific topics and issues that are given a high priority in health policy. They target health policy-makers, healthcare professionals and scientific experts, but also give the general public an opportunity to learn about health issues. The data and information in the booklets is presented in a scientifically well-founded, action-oriented and clear way.


GBE Contributions

The last issue of this series was published in December 2015. The Contributions address topics in greater depth, in some cases with detailed methodological and statistical explanations.


GBE kompakt

In 2016, this series was transferred to the Journal of Health Monitoring (online journal). In the journal, GBE kompakt became a focus article, supplemented by fact sheets.