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GBE kompakt

GBE kompakt is a series of publications by Federal Health Reporting Service (Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes, GBE). Per issue, one health topic is presented, illustrated by current data.

Information is given for example, about how many people in Germany have a diabetes mellitus or what population ageing is and what implications it has for healthcare.

GBE kompakt is written by scientists of the Robert Koch Institute. This series targets a broad audience and is published at least once a quarter. It is only available as PDF document.

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No. 3/2010: Health risks of passive smoking

The third issue of GBE kompakt has the latest information on passive smoking. The prevalence of passive smoking in Germany is illustrated by data from the German Health Update Telephone Survey (GEDA 2009) and the National Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS). The issue also discusses the associated health risks and the current status of tobacco control in Germany.

Date of issue June 18, 2010PDF (489 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

No. 2/2010: Accidents in Germany – Results of GEDA 2009

The second issue of GBE kompakt describes non-fatal accidents in Germany. Data of the "German Health Update" 2009 (GEDA) was analysed; in particular accidents at home and leisure and work-related accidents.

Date of issue April 29, 2010PDF (367 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

No. 1/2010: Federal Health Reporting – Aims, Tasks and Uses

This first issue describes the aims, tasks and organizational structure of Federal Health Reporting (GBE). It also provides an overview of GBE's various forms of publication, its sources of data and information, and its relevance for health policy.

Date of issue February 8, 2010PDF (1,004 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)