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GBE kompakt

GBE kompakt is a series of publications by Federal Health Reporting Service (Gesundheitsberichterstattung des Bundes, GBE). Per issue, one health topic is presented, illustrated by current data.

Information is given for example, about how many people in Germany have a diabetes mellitus or what population ageing is and what implications it has for healthcare.

GBE kompakt is written by scientists of the Robert Koch Institute. This series targets a broad audience and is published at least once a quarter. It is only available as PDF document.

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No. 3/2011: Diabetes mellitus in Germany

This issue of GBE kompakt focuses on diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disease. Prevalence of and complications due to diabetes mellitus will be displayed on the basis of data of the telephone survey GEDA 2009 and other data sources. Another focus is on medical care and the use of medical services.

Date of issue May 6, 2011PDF (766 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

No. 2/2011: Competence and Sovereignty in Health System – The User's Perspective

How satisfied are people with their contacts in the health system in Germany? Are adequate health informations available? And how well-known are rights of patients? The data of an additional survey of GEDA 2009, carried out by the Robert Koch-Institute, will answer these questions. (german version only)

Date of issue April 7, 2011PDF (537 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

No. 1/2011: Influenza vaccination: Results of GEDA 2009

Data on influenza vaccination coverage was collected from the telephone survey GEDA 2009. The analysed data show that vaccine coverage in season 2007/08 in target groups was still low.

Date of issue February 3, 2011PDF (1 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

No. 5/2010: Poverty and health

People living in poverty have a poorer general state of health, their health-related behaviour tends to be riskier, and they are more at risk from certain diseases. Further findings on the link between poverty and health from the RKI's telephone survey "German Health Update" 2009 (GEDA) are presented in the latest issue of GBE kompakt.

Date of issue December 1, 2010PDF (669 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

No. 4/2010: 20 years of German Unity: Are there still health differences?

Do still differences in the health of children and adolescents living in the East or West of Germany exist? Answers to this question will be given in the 4th issue of GBE kompakt. The results base upon the data of the German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents (KiGGS) conducted by the Robert Koch Institute.

Date of issue September 30, 2010PDF (612 KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)