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Contributions to Federal Health Reporting

Supplementing the series of publications by the Federal Health Reporting Department, the Robert Koch Institute releases the series "Contributions to Federal Health Reporting". Appearing sporadically, the publications offer the reader additional and in-depth information on important aspects of health reporting.

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Reference percentiles for growth and blood pressure from KiGGS 2003-2006

The Robert Koch-Institute has conducted for the first time a national examination survey on children and adolescents (KiGGS-study). This publication comprises detailed figures and tables on KiGGS growth and blood pressure percentiles including a comparison with growth standards currently used in Germany.

Date of issue February 17, 2017PDF (9 MB, File does meet accessibility standards.)

Prevalence of Cancers in Germany

The estimates on the prevalence of cancers in Germany between 1990 und 2010, presented for the first time in this contribution to Federal Health Reporting, were determined by the Robert Koch Institute on the basis of the annual incdence and survival rates. Detailed data is also available for 20 selected cancer sites, which is of great topical interest for health policy, because these estimates can be used to determine the resources which the health system has to make available for patient care, the costs that are likely to arise, and the developments which can be expected in the future. (German version only)

Date of issue February 23, 2010PDF (1 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Population-Based Distribution of Selected Laboratory Parameters from KiGGS

This GBE contribution presents the percentile distributions of key laboratory parameters observed in the KiGGS. The KiGGS data are based on a sample size of more than 14,000 blood and serum samples, which is large enough to map the age- and gender-specific histories of the individual parameters. The reference figures provided in this publication can be used in the future as background information in clinical and population-based studies. (German version only)

Date of issue March 24, 2009PDF (6 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Health of Children and Young People in Schleswig-Holstein

This report paints a detailed picture of the health situation of children and young people in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. It describes their health situation and health behaviour, the relevant overall demographic and social conditions and structures of healthcare services. (German version only)

Date of issue August 29, 2007PDF (4 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Telephone health survey by the RKI (2nd round) – Descriptive report on the results

Since 2002, the RKI has been conducting national telephone surveys on chronic diseases and their determinants on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Health. This report is based on the data collected in the second round of the telephone health survey. The population studied consists of German-speaking adults who reside in private households in the Federal Republic of Germany. (German version only)

Date of issue March 29, 2006PDF (1 MB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)