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Working at the RKI

Working at the Robert Koch Institute. Source: © RKI

The RKI not only offers the advantages of a public service employer, it is also characterised by an open organisational structure and personnel policies that form the basis for supporting and promoting initiative, creativity and cooperation.

We offer:

Flexible work hours
Life is full. Work, family, friends and leisure... We provide flexible employment models, including flexi-time and part-time, that provide employees opportunities to shape their work-life balance in a way that best meets their individual needs.

Good working conditions
We value and rely on offices and laboratories that are modern and ergonomically equipped. As employees, we benefit from the attractive institute locations in Berlin, Wildau and Wernigerode. We also offer a range of child-care programmes.

Professional development
Continuing education and training of personnel are central parts of our employment policies. We offer tailor-made measures for continuing education and provide help with choosing the most suitable qualification programmes.

Dedication to employee health
Improving working conditions, prevention and health maintenance, and the healthcare of our employees are the focal points of our operational health management programme. We offer employees opportunities to take part regularly in sport and activities to promote a sense of belonging and well-being, including joining in programmes such as the professionally directed institute chorus.

Demographic foresight
We view changing demographics as a challenge. Our employment and personnel development policies take into account generational structures as they evolve. The primary elements of our approach are valuing all age groups at the institute, shaping fair intergenerational employment relations, and creating age and family appropriate workplaces and working conditions. This also includes encouraging employees to engage in life-long learning.

A view that diversity is our strength
Personnel as diverse as the work we conduct enriches the institute. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and regularly implement programmes and projects to ensure all institute employees enjoy the same opportunities to advance their careers.

Date: 15.02.2022